About us

BYON is a project consulting and implementation company that deals with areas that combine senior management consulting, organizational process improvement, and planning and building technological and digital solutions.
Combining this unique capability allows us to give the organization a complete solution, containing all aspects, which only a proper combination of them – creates improvement and business success:

On the one hand, enterprise-level care, which includes setting goals and objectives, formulating organizational structure, building and streamlining work processes (planning, management, measurement and process control), improving service and transition to digital service, information and knowledge management and organizational learning.
On the other hand, building technological and digital solutions, which provide tools for support, streamlining and process control, to the establishment of an overall computing system.
This unique combination draws on many years of experience and top-level professional capabilities, both in the world of analysis and improvement of work processes and in the technological field.
BYON places uncompromising emphasis on the quality of its consultants. Our consultants have an average of 20 years of experience and seniors with 25 or more years of experience. The great majority of them served as managers in large organizations. Our consultancy team covers all areas of expertise, which enable this:

Experienced professionals in the field of knowledge and digital management, senior organizational consultants, industrial and management engineers and leadership in change and implementation processes.
Systems analysts, character writing experts, developers, implementers, infrastructure experts, BI experts, systems design professionals and UI / UX.
Management team, comprising senior executives with over 25 years of practical experience, in senior management positions, in various sectors of the economy, leading complex projects on a large scale.
The processes, transformations and tools we create with our customers are solutions that are well-embedded in the work environment of the employees. Leveraging Business Success Solutions,

Based on a change management plan and implementation, providing support and support for all aspects of change and all levels of the organization. The change management and the process of implementing the solutions, begins with the formulation of the change goals and preparation

Implementation plan, and continue to implement it, assessing the degree of achievement of the objectives and the transfer of ranked responsibilities to the roles of the organization,

Until full achievement.